DIY dip dyed curtains

We’ve seen ombre hair, nails, clothes, shoes – so why not curtains too? My once-white-now-sort-of-grey Ikea curtains were in desperate need of a makeover. After ambitiously sketching a few different print designs I decided that stencil painting the entirety of the fabric would be too difficult. However, I didn’t want the curtains to look boring with one block colour. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found my answer: dip dye. Using fabric dye, I created a graduated colour, with intensity growing at the bottom of the curtains. It was pretty easy too. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 09.23.24

1. Follow the instructions on your fabric dye packet. Usually the instruction is to mix hot water with salt in a bucket and dampen the fabric you intend to dye. 

2. Add about a third of the dye powder to the bucket of salt and water.

3. Dip the curtains in almost to the top, leave for five minutes and squeeze out the excess water.

4. Add another third of the powder to the water.

5. Dip about two thirds of the fabric and leave for five minutes then squeeze again. 

6. Add the rest of the powder to the water.

7. Dip the last third of the curtains in the dye and leave for five minutes before squeezing.

8. Trail the bottom few inches of the fabric in the dye and leave for fifteen minutes. Some of the dye will seep up through the fabric.

9. Check your dye packet, but the instruction is usually to let the fabric dry before rinsing it in the washing machine on a cold setting.

10. Hang your curtains back up and make everyone jealous.


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